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You never picked me up like I asked


30:55 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Naked Facesitting &Ponyplay 45%, Socks, Feet & Sneaks 35%, Kicks & Slaps 20%

Watch out, things are getting really hard, really dirty, really nasty! In this outdoor clip, Master Babyface and Master Louis go the whole hog.. Their slave has to undergo the vilest of humiliations and torture. The poor guy isn't let off anything. After all, he only has himself to blame. Why does he complain to . Master Babyface and Master Louis that they didn't pick him up from the station? Whenever a slave opens his gob to speak in so disrespectful a way, he shouldn't be surprised to find it stopped up, should he! Things turn painful for the loser.. A few slaps to the face ring out. Master Babyface takes firm hold of the victim's head and.Master Louis keeps on hitting him. . The kicks are painful too. But what's a lot worse for the slave are the endless humiliations. While he's lying down in the dirt, he has,to deal with. his tormentors' trainers, their feet and their stinking socks. All the while, they're hawking up snot and spitting it out onto the loser's face. The Masterboys use their slave as a pony to ride on, shower him first of all with beer and then later on with their piss and then make him fetch their dirty socks. They force their dirty feet and then their bare arses into his face. So hotl!!! And when the loser is supposed to be taking his shirt off,, Master Louis uses a pair of scissors to give him a hand. You won't believe how much is crammed into these 30 minutes – 'a real outdoor orgy of humiliation. Don't delay, order it straight away!
Good to see master baby face back
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