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You belong to me


23:42 Min. Sneaks 30%, Socks & Feet 30%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Slaps & Nipple Torture 15%

"it's all too brutal for me. And anyway it's getting too expensive" With these words, Master Dragon's default slave is saying that he wants to call a halt. But things aren't that simple. Master Dragon makes it absolutely clear: "You belong to me!" And because the slave has been so bold as to criticise his Master, the session that follows straight away can't be beaten for hardness and humiliation. Brutal slaps to the face, nipple torture, as well as other painful surprises - in this clip Master Dragon shows us how really brutal be can be. . To start off, though, the slave has to deal with his Master's godly pair of Nikes. Later on, Dragon places his sweat soaked stockinged feet firmly on the loser's face as he lies on the floor in front of the sofa. With his head resting between his Master's feet, Dragon gobs again and again into his wide open mouth. And then finally the Master's bare feet come into play. - Master Dragon in long black BMB leggings and bare torso -so hot just to look at! No lack of action in this clip!
I forgot since it made me paralyzed in utter Master awe. From the viewpoint of the slave, Master Dragon flex's his muscular pecs! While smirking at one point as he does it and looking at the camera...which is us! He knows his power. Over the slave in that room...and those of us that are watching. I've seen and bought all of Master Dragon's clips...both from his original run years ago to his triumphant return and never had he done the pec flex. More please!
As a long time customer at BMB, I can pretty much tell when a new Master has not only staying power but the obvious natural enjoyment it takes in humiliating and dominating willing slaves. When Master Dragon hit the scene several years ago, I instantly took notice...and so did his slaves! Boyish, but definitely a good-looking young man who judging by his smirks and smiles, loved what he was doing...and knew the slaves wanted more...much more. Fast forward today and to this instant classic clip which just illuminates how Master Dragon has cemented his status as an iconic Master on BMB. I was so happy that Master Dragon came back to work his Master magic once again...this time as a young man...much more muscular, no more braces, mustached, and may I say even MORE into enjoying his slave abuse. Master Dragon's gold time-piece glistens each time he smacks his lucky slave hard. The intense stare when Master Dragon's about to lob spit on the slaves' face or in his mouth with military precision. You can tell doing this line of work is quite lucrative for the Master's. Why be depressed in an office cubicle all day when you could be so very happy and fulfilled destroying a willing slave's pride instead? I would love to see Master Dragon partner up with another BMB icon, Master Otis, for a new slave session. Run, do not walk to buy!!!
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