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What have I done to you?


24:49 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 30%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Slaps, Trampling & Kicks 30%, Sitting 10%

"Why are you always knocking me about , what have I done to you?"„ whimpers the young man. There's no mistaking the answer from Master TNT and his mate Street Master Junis. "Shut your mouth!": The two Masterboys get a kick out of tormenting and degrading their neighbour. . The two sadoboys agree that the guy is a real loser and is getting what he deserves. As their slave uses his tongue to deal with their dirty sneakers, he keeps getting slapped and getting snot spat into his mouth.. You won't believe how much the loser has to swallow down in this clip . And the number of slaps sets a new record.The two lads just keep on hitting out. . . After Street Master Junis has torn the slave's T-Shirt, he has to suck out the stink from their socks. ,Later on they force their stinking socks against the slave's nose "Smell!!" As the slave lies on the floor, he's kicked and trampled. The lads tower over their victim as they gob on him and force their feet into his face. . Then they sit on the slave, slap him in the face,, fill him up with a new helping of snot and force their bare feet into his face. What an Aroma!!! – TNT and Street Master Junis are a great Master duo, really brutal and without mercy and committed to humiliating their victim. You almost suffer with the victim as he's slapped hard . The spit scenes, shot from the slave's perspective, are awesome!!!
TNT is the best master ever! Love his spit action, more of him please!
Master TNT is soooo amazing again. Please more with him but make sure next time we see his chains/necklaces! Thats a real turn on about that badboy!
TNT and Stret master are good in spitting! and their dirty socks are so exciting
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