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26:45 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Toenail Feeding & Piss 40%, Feet 25%, Socks & Sneaks 20%, Kicks & Slaps 15%

Andre has threatened a couple of guys in the park but Tom was watching on. Before Tom takes it into his head to go to the police and grass on him, Andre pays the witness a visit. Andre has his own special way to ‘persuade’ Tom that it would be better for him if he didn’t blacken his name with the police. Andre – sorry, Master Andre -, really enjoys taking away Tom’s self confidence and tormenting and humiliating the stupid idiot. The young sadist pulls out all the stops. He has the loser lick his trainers clean, makes him breathe in the nasty smell from his socks and later shoves his bare feet so far into his mouth that Tom almost has to throw up. The least slip means that Tom is kicked and slapped. But the nasty humiliations are even worse for the loser than the pain and abuse. Master Andre is well known and feared among his slaves for the thick snot which he hawks up. Tom has to swallow huge amounts of it. But there is worse to come. Master Andre produces a pair of nail clippers and proceeds to use them to cut his toenails. He disposes of the nails – where else – in his victim’s mouth. To round things off Tom is showered down with loads of his Master’s piss. The humiliation and torment go on and on in this 30 minute English language clip. Only Master Andre could do that. Hot!!

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