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Piss Off !!!


30:41 Min. Crushing with Sneaks 60%, Feet & Socks 40%

A sadistic master who is also top looking, a great pair of Nike Airs, and a whole load of defenseless worms. This HD quality clip is especially meant for friends of crushing scenes. What's it all about? Master Lucas is chilling on the sofa and chatting on the phone with his mates. Meanwhile the BMB camera is up close to his socks and later to his bare feet. There's some tasty lint attached to his feet and between his toes. If you only you could give them a good sniff...... When Master Luca looks out of the window and on to the balcony, he discovers a couple of worms who have emerged from a plant pot and are in the middle of a little expedition. Master Luca knows what he has to do. He puts on his socks and his Nikes and goes out on to the balcony. He wants to drive the intruders away. Pure Sadism gleams from the young Master's eyes- 'You're gong to feel the power of my Nikes' soles' he says, with a grin on his face. He takes delight in slowly crushing and squashing one worm after another. There is nothing his victims can do to stop him. The sadistic pleasure which Master Luca puts into his cruel handiwork - sorry, footwork - is just amazing.The scenes which are filmed from the poor worms' perspective are especially hot
so good
so good
so good
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