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He just turns up


26:20 Min. Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Toe Nail Feeding & Piss 25%, Socks 20%, Sneaks 15%, Slaps 10%

Evening in the Student Hostel. Master Edi comes home. As he enters his apartment he discovers to his astonishment that some foreign guy he doesn't know is lurking there. Presumably the foreign student has just got mixed up. He wants to apologise to Edi, but he doesn't get that far. Edi sets to work on the student straight away. The young Master has only one aim in mind. He wants to make the guy his slave, to torment him and degrade him. It's been a boring day at uni and so this is exactly what he sets about doing. The loser has no chance to defend himself against the sadistic young Master. Edi delights in having him lick the dirt from his shoes and suck the sweat out of his socks. He enjoys getting his slave's tongue accustomed to his feet. He gets a hellish enjoyment out of giving him nasty verbal abuse and knocking him about. "Keep your mouth shut when I'm hitting you" he roars at his 'toy' when he whimpers. The loser just has to lie back and take the nastiest of humiliation. He has to give Master Edi's socks a good chewing and swallow down industrial quantities of snot. The loser also gets his master's newly cut toenails shoved into his mouth. Later on the young Master pisses into a bowl and flavours the brew with thick snot. Hotter than hot!

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