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Trapped in debt


22:36 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Facesitting 30%, Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 25%, Socks & Sneaks 10%

If you want to avoid getting on the wrong side of two sadistic lads, then don't delay too long before you pay them back the money you owe them. In this clip, you discover what the consequences can be if you get behind on your payments. Two Arab lads are really pissed off because, a week on, their neighbour isn't in a position to pay them back the money they lent him. For the loser, that means some high octane pain and degradation. The two Masterboys from the global south treat their neighbour to some brutal slaps to the face, kicks and trampling. Watching all this happen, you almost feel sorry for the slave.The loser is made to give some extensive attention to his tormentors' sweaty feet. Not just that, but the two Masterboys' dirty sneaks and stinky socks also come into the action. The two young sadists shove their feet deep into their victim's wide open mouth. In fact, his mouth must stay wide open throughout - not least so that the lads can gob into it whenever they feel like it. But sometimes the snot has to be licked up from the floor - really degrading for the slave. The slave also has to put up with his face being used as a cushion to sit on. – In this clip, the two Arab Masterboys hold nothing back. They enjoy seeing their victim suffer.
Ich möchte auch mal die beiden araber bedienen
I swear, you live to see two relatively new Masters be so totally natural and enjoying themselves in humiliating and degrading their slave, it's like they've been here since the beginning. Master Junis continues to be the leader in effortless...hard....noise-worthy face slaps. Both Masters excel in everything you'd want done to yourself...and that's the best review I can give.
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