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Training to be a Master


24:50 Min. Humiliation & Spit 35%, Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 25%, Sneaks 25%, Socks 10%, Sitting & Ponyplay 5%

The slave can hardly believe his eyes : Master Otis has brought two lads home with him. The two good looking young guys are called Neo and Ayden. The two lads want Otis to show them how to be a Master. Put simply: Otis is the perfect trainer. The experienced BMB Master knows just how to torment and degrade stupid losers. He uses a living being to show Neo and Ayden how the whole thing works. The two newcomers are really up for it ,and learn damn quickly. They enjoy putting the loser in his place - hard and no compromise shown, just as Otis shows them. The slave has to lick dirty sneaks clean and suck in the stench from steaming socks. He gets slaps to the face and blows, is kicked and tortured by trampling. He has to serve as a cushion to sit on and a pony to ride on . Otis and the two trainee Masters find it especially hot when they gob into his mouth again and again. Otis encourages Neo and Ayden to keep on spitting until the slave's whole mouth is full of snot. The two trainee Masters don't need to be told twice! … -At last some more new faces on BMB! In this clip, Neo und Ayden show themselves to be extremely talented trainee Masters. Together with Master Otis, they do really nasty things to torment and humiliate the loser. Meanwhile the camera stays right up with the action! So hot!!!
The guy wearing the adidas sweater and the white Nike sneakers is really hot. I love it that he dominates the fag in Turkish, which sounds really masculine and powerful. I hope he will return soon for another session and that he will speak Turkish again.
I really like Ayden, the guy wearing the Adidas sweater and white Nike sneakers. So hot when he starts to call the fag names in Turkish. Wish you could bring him more often. Perhaps he will do an entire session in Turkish!
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