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Torture Trio


24:15 Min. Sneaks & Socks 35%, Slaps, Kicks, Trampling & Nipple Torture 30%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Sitting 5%

You could almost feel sorry for the slave. He falls into the clutches of Master Gil, Master Otis and Master TNT. The torture trio has got just one thing in mind. The loser has to suffer in a really nasty way. The slave for his part had been looking forward to a fairly soft focussed evening with them. Chilling while he licks the Masters' sneaks and feet. But nothing of the sort. Gil, Otis and TN start out as brutally as they intend to continue. The loser is slapped in the face, so loud that the slaps ring out.Later on the slave is kicked and tormented with some extreme trampling. The loser also has to take some torture to his nipples. The slave has to take off his T shirt so that the trampling is really painful. The outline of the sneaks works its way deep into his skin. The loser has to be a good boy and say thank you for the nasty mistreatment. Again and again the lads gob thick snot into his mouth and his face. And of course the slave is also allowed to lick sneakers and take a whiff at some socks. But no question of chilling. . – The Torture-Trio well lives well up to its name. In this two parter, the slave has to endure the most extreme abuse.
Das is' soooooooooo HAMMA, wenn MasterBoss King Otis seine vergoldeten Füße auf den Schultern des Slave ablegt. Würde sie am liebsten auch 24/7 auf meinen Schultern tragen. Der King ist soooooooooo ein Gott. Und dann noch diese megastarken Waden & Oberschenkel dazu...…. Schön das es Dich gibt - MasterBoss Gottheit Otis
This video is so fantastic. Please make some farting scenes with Master Otis and his buddies, he is the best.
TNT is the best. Also really love his chains. He is an awesome master. Hope us fans of him see him soon again!
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