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TNT – A beating with extreme Facesitting


21:24 Min. Humiliation with Spit, sniffing Armpits, Facesitting & Naked Facesitting 35%, Feet 30%, Slaps 20%, Socks & Sneaks 15%

A slave has lent Master TNT some money. Now he'd like to have his money back. But the loser hasn't got the measure of TNT "The only thing you're going to get from me is a beating" says the young Master, as without further ado he begins to slap the slave brutally in the face. The loser is told to use his tongue to deal thoroughly with his Master's not so very clean pair of sneakers. Following on from that, the slave has to take deep whiffs of the stench from his tormentor's socks as well as then deep whiffs of the sweat in his Master's armpits. 'in the middle of all this the loser keeps on being hit and spat upon. As the slave is lying on the floor,, TNT sits himself down on his face. "Smell that, loser!" The stench gets more and more intense as the Master sits on his victim's face first of all wearing just his underpants and then finally with his arse bare. When he stands up , the slave gets a good helping of snot into his mouth To round things off, TNT gets his sweaty feet licked clean. - Yet again, TNT is in top form. Just for the hot and long facesitting scenes alone, this clip is a must for every BMB fan.
Please more TNT!
Master TNT is one of your best Tops! His Spitting into mouths is so powerful. I can swallow his Spit over & over! Love him sitting on faces & my face is ready to Sniff & Lick his hole, Sniff! Lick! Sniff! Lick!
TNT is the best! Love this video! I like it when he spits at the slave, he has a powerful shot. He has beautiful feet and is really cool. :)
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