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23:56 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Human Ashtray 25%, Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 15%, Food Crushing 15%, Facesitting 10%

Master Fox and Master Rocco have hired a student. Their garden is getting out of control and the guy is supposed to deal with it. But Fox and Rocco aren't happy with what his work produces. And the two lads don't waste any time in making that clear to the lazy student - they make it clear in their own particular way The loser is humliated and tormented. First of all, he is hit and kicked. A riding crop also comes into play Then some facesitting is called for. "Shame that I don't need to fart" says Master Rocco with a nsaty grin on his own face as he sits on the loser's face. At this point the lads pull of their socks. The hold their stinking socks against their victim's nose. Then they use their bare feet to cruch a few tomatoes on the ground. After they gob on then, the student has to lick it all up from the ground. The two lads' feet look really dirty as a result of the garden soil and the dirty flooboaords that they've been walking on .Their victim has to lick off all the dirt. Whle he's doing that, his mouth is turned into an ashtray. Some of the ash lands on the dirty floor. Some snot gets added to it -and then down to business "Lick it up!" . Slaps to the face slaps to the neck, kicks, trampling - you can see how much Master Rocco and Master Fox enjoy punishing the lazy student.It's a long time since we've seen feet as dirty as this in a BMB clip.So much outdoor humiliation too. Master Fox and Master Rocco really work their socks off . A really hot clip!!!
Hope you have more this summer. Perhaps street feet.
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