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There's been a bit of damage part 1


26:44 Min. Sneaks 30%, Trampling, Kicks, Slaps & Whipping 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Breathcontrol und Ponyplay 30%, Food Crushing 10%

There's a new star in the BMB Master firmament. We're pleased to be able to present to you Master Mateo. This really hot dominator will get every slave's heart beating fast.His face, his finely chiselled body, the way he gets losers under his power - this Master has it all. So, the storyline. Lous lives in a flat which has been rented to him by Matteo Martini. Louis can't get his young landlord out of his mind. He dreams of the day when this good looking guy might pay him a call. Finally Louis dreams up a successful plan which gets Mateo Martin to come and see him in his flat. Lous rings him up and tells him that there's been a leak in his flat and the walls are wet. When Matteo Martini comes into the apartment to take a look, he soon says that the story of a leak was just a ruse. Things now turn damn unpleasant for Louis. He had no reason to suspect that Matteo Martini - .sorry MASTER Martini happens to be a merciless sadist who loves tormenting and degrading stupid losers. The young Master - wearing a leather jacket, well ripped jeans and with a pair white Nike Airs on his feet - brings it all into play. Lots of action involving the trainers, some extreme trampling, kicks (including between the legs), slaps to the face, blows with the riding crop, pony play, suffocation - Louis'capacity to stay alive is sorely tested. And there's no lack of humiliation. Louis has to swallow down huge quantities of his Master's spit and lick up cocktail tomatoes which his Master has crushed from the soles of his trainers and from the floor. The loser also has to put up with being used as a pony to ride on and as an ashtray. A grandstand entrance from Master Matteo Martini and a huge achievement on the part of the cameraman who gets up close to the action and delights us with lots of hot recordings from the slave's perspective.. We're not exaggerating when we say that this BMB Clip sets new standards. And you can already start looking forward to Part 2, when Master Matteo wll show more bare flesh than has ever been seen up to now in a BMB Clip.
Very handsome Master but he is not aggressive enough.
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