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The work of a coach


22:33 Min. Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Licking Armpits, Sneaks & Socks 25%, Sneaks & Socks 20%, Trampling 15%, Facesiiting 10%

Romain gets home from football training. "Now you've got to lick my football boots clean" the young Master tells his slave. Loads of dirt is stuck between the studs especially. So there's plenty for the loser to eat. . But getting his shoes cleaned isn't enough for Master Romain.. He wants to subject the loser to some really nasty humiliation. . The slave has to suck in the nasty stench from his socks, lick away the sweat from his bare feet, suck his toes and use his tongue to deal with what has accumulated between the toes. Added to that from time to time is loads of thick Master snot. Sometimes the Master spits into the slave's face and mouth, other times the slave has to lick it up from the floor. What's especially humiliating is when Romain spits into his hands and the slave has to lick it up or when the slave's tongue has to deal with the sweat in his Master's armpits. So that the slave can really suffer, he is tormented with some trampling . The studs from the football boots really hurt. Romain enjoys making his victim suffer and whimper in pain. Later, he delivers his slave a round of barefoot trampling. There's also no lack of facesitting . What better for a slave than to feel a footballer's arse on his face? – Master Romain in football strip and wearing cool football boots is enough to make any slave weak at the knees. In this clip, the BMB slave is not only allowed to look at him but to enjoy the way he humiliates and torments. Enjoy!
excellent I love it you should do more vids with masters in their shorts and with even longer full weight stomach sitting
Master Romain is very handsome and hot ! The facesitting is so great, and I love that. I would like to see more and please add shoulder-riding and pony-ride. The young master can treat his slave as an animal to ride around : let the slave kneel down and the master can ride on the slave's shoulders or let slave on all fours and the master can do horseback ride on the slave. If the slave can no longer carry his master, then the facesitting can be used as a punishment :)
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