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The Poppers Piggy


23:26Min. Sneaks & Socks 40%, Humiliation with Spit & Sniffing Armpits 35%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 25%

It's been a long time but now slave David has come back to Germany from England so as to fulfil his biggest wish : to be done over by two Masterboys in as nasty a way as possible. So that things are twice as hot for the slave, Master TNT and his mate every now and again hold a bottle of poppers up against his nose. Like a man possessed, David, his wrists secured, licks the two Masterboys' dirty sneaks clean. It seems the loser gets a real kick out of having some hard slaps dished out and having thick snot spat on him. While David is lying on the floor and licking one Master's sneaks, the other Master climbs up on him and torments him with a bit of trampling. Powerful stuff! Then the slave's mouth is stuck together with sticky tape so that his nose can really get into some intensive enjoyment of the damp stink coming from the two Masterboys' socks. The loser is also allowed to take in the stink coming from one of the Masters' armpits. – The way that slave David, all poppered up, enjoys being done over by two good looking, merciless Masterboys is awesome! There are some hot spit scenes!
absolut naturdominanter Masterboys!!!!
It’s very very nice
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