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The Piggy has to clean up


25:51 Min. Humiliation with Spit & Piss 35%, Sneaks, Feet & Socks 30%, Kicks, Slaps & Trampling 25%, Food Crushing 10%

In the home that Babyface, Dway and Cody (new to BMB) share together, there's an urgent need for some cleaning and tidying up. Master Babyface suggests they find a slave to do the cleaning.. The lads soon find one on the internet. They discover an advert from Helmut, who is looking for somehwere to do some cleaning, When Helmut appears a bit later at the agreed time, he quickly realises that he has fallen into a trap, It soon becomes clear to him that what the lads want to do is to torment and humiliate him. He's abused, slapped on the face and made to lick his tormentors' dirty trainers clean. Lying on his back like a helpless beetle, the lads sit around him, spit into his mouth and get him to lick their shoes and their feet. It's brutal how the stink of Master Dway's socks is forced into the loser's nose. Minute by minute, the humiliations get stronger. On all fours, like a dog, Helmut has to use his mouth to gather up the dirty underpants that the lads have left lying on the floor. While he's doing this is he is kicked and trampled. Later the Masterboys tread some berries with their feet. The cleaning piggy has to lick it all up. The lads carry on their nasty games in the bathroom. Helmut has to use a toothbrush to clean the dirty floor, covered in the Masterboys' snot that they've coughed up and also use a toothbrush to clean the toilet bowl, totally covered in piss . That all done, Helmut then has to put the brush into his mouth. So nasty. But there's more. The lads force Helmut's head into the toilet bowl - Then it's flushed. The way that the three Masterboys torment and humiliate Helmut in this clip is awesome. The very best dirty action. Order it straight away.
The Babyface feet master are perfect and he is a great master, I bought the video just for his feet! Even Cody is a good master, but I don't like Dway because I don't like his feet. I hope to see more Babyface videos is his bare feet :)
The video is ok , but the masters are not handsome
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