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The pain does wear off


27:15 Min. Slaps, Kicks, Blows with the Whip & Nipple Torture 30%, Feet, Socks & Sneaks 30%, Humiliation & Spit 15%, Trampling & Crushing 15%, Breath Control 10%

Helmut has booked Matteo as his personal trainer . After the first training session, Helmuth, the old sissy, complains of pain in his neck. He asks Matteo for a massage. The personal trainer quickly takes on board that Helmut is putting on the pain. "You'll feel pain soon enough" he says, wth a nasty grin on his face. Before you can say Jack Robinson Helmut is lying on the floor and is totally at Matteo's - sorry that's Master Matteo's - mercy. The good looking personal trainer, looking very impressive in his tight sweat pants, reveals imself to be an out and out sadist. To some degree, Helmut is able to brush off the slaps to the face and the kicks, even though they damn well hurt. But Master Matteo wants to inflict some really nasty tortue on his victim, he wants to hear him whimper in pain - and that's just what he his able to do. Helmut is beaten with the riding crop. he gets kicks to the balls and is tormented with hand crushing and trampling. The worst of all though is the nipple torture. Master Matteo is a past master at this kind of torture. His other torture speciality, breath control, is also put into operation. Helmut is totally out of it. His attempts to fight back fail miserably. Every piece of resistance is punished mercilessly . The loser is spat on, has to swallow down thick Master snot and is hit again and again. There's a particularly hot scene where Master Matteo jams Helmut's head beteen his thighs and won't let go. Oh yes, and of course thdere's no shortage of cool action involving trainers, socks and feet. . Yet another masterpiece from Masteer Matteo! In this film we see above all his sadistic side. Slave Helmut just has to suffer - above all from the torture to his nipples.
Matteo ist wohl der attraktivste Sadist, der mit großer Freude seine sadistische Ader auslebt! Das Wahnsinnigste ist, dass man ihm sofort anmerkt, dass ihm der Sadismus in die Wiege gelegt wurde, absolut authentisch!!!!!
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