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The Military Master Part 2


24:26 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Licking Armpits & Ponyplay 30%, Facesitting & Farts 25%, Slaps & Nipple Twist 10%

In the second part, hot feet action and nasty humiliations take centre stage. Master Kelvin gets his feet licked extensively clean. But that by itself isn't enough. The slave has to use his tongue to clean the floor in the Military Master's flat. What a humiliation! When the loser ends up lying on the floor on his back like a worm, the Master forces down his foot onto his neck and gobs into his wide open mouth. Following on from this, the slave gets his Master's feet shoved into his mouth. As he torments and degrades his slave, Kelvin plays with his smartphone as if he hadn't a care in the world. While all this is going on, the slave is again and again slapped really hard in the face. – left, right, left, right , again and again. The Master is also well capable of using his bare feet to land some nasty slaps. When Kelvin takes off his camouflage shirt, the loser has to use his tongue to deal with his Master's stinking armpits. The slave also has to serve as a pony to ride on. Again and again Kelvin haw up some thick snot and spits it into his servant's mouth. Fancy some more humiliations? Ho problem! The Master keeps on sitting on his victim's face. The slave can hardly breathe. . And sometimes the air he gets doesn't smell particularly good as Kelvin sends a fart or two on their way. The loser also has to endure a painful nipple twist as the Master sits on his face. . – You can hardly believe his much feet action and humiliation is squeezed into a 30 minute clip. We present you this really hot clip just as it unfolded. BMB's hot Autumn has only just begun !!!

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