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The Military Master Part 1


24:26 Min. Sneaks 30%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Trampling, Slaps & Crushing 25%, Socks 15%

Master Kelvin should have been back in barracks ages ago But today he overstays his leave. Chilling at home is much more fun than being stressed out in the barracks. When Kelvin's slave reminds him that he could get into trouble with his superiors, the Master is really pissed off with him. What's this stupid loser doing putting his nose into Kelvin's own business? Kelvin decides to dole out some punishment to the slave. Trampling, really painful crushing and slaps to the face which really ring out: the Military-Master is absolutely merciless. He doesn't just use his hands and his feet as weapons to beat the loser, but he brings his sneakers into play as well. Again and again, this is accompanied with the command "Open up your fucking mouth" – and the slave has to take snot which has been really hawked up. Now and again he also has to lick up snot from the soles of his Master's shoes. The Military Master's sneakers are so dirty that the loser's tongue has to work overtime. The loser has to use his nose to suck the stench from his Master's socks and shoes. Kelvin demands he really goes for it. "I want to hear you!!" And then with a grin on his face, the Master stuff his stinking socks into the slave's mouth . – It looks really hot: Military Master Kelvin in his cool camouflage outfit. In this totally hot two-parter, the save is handed out some really hard punishment and humiliation. You will really enjoy he camera positions from the slave's perspective. Look forward to the second part.
Nearly didn’t buy this one as he’s not my favourite master looks wise, but glad I did as he’s brilliant in this and the part 2. Belching in slaves face and even farting in his face! Great attitude. Perfect
Good to see Master Kelvin again. He's become a real Master. Good looking, arrogant and with the perfect attitude. He treats the slave like a piece of shit. Great clip.
so hope can be trampled hard by Master Kelvin in his coolest sneakers
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