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The Loser off the streets


23:33 Min. Socks & Feet 40%, Humiliation with Spit & Piss 30%, Slaps & Kicks 20%, Sitting/Facesitting 10%

Jayden is lying on the sofa asleep as his flatmate Joey comes back home. Joey isn't alone. "Just take a look at this dirty wanker I've found outside" is the sneering way that he introduces the guy he's brought with him. The young Master has a real loser in tow. The guy seems to have been just waiting to be done down by two Masters like Jayden und Joey. The two lads don't hang about. They gob at the loser and slap him in the face. They kick the guy as he lies helpless on the floor. Without thinking twice, the lads force their feet into his face. The loser has no choice but to breathe in the warm stench coming from their socks. The guy has to make a point of thanking his tormentors for spitting in his face and in his mouth and for being allowed to lick their bare feet clean with his tongue. The Masterboys also use their victim as a cushion to sit on. They make sure that there's also no lack of facesitting. To round things off, they head for the bathroom. Mater Jayden needs to take a piss. The slave has to kneel in the shower and drink an enormous quantity of Mastersekt. . – This clip is particularly notable for really nasty humiliation. Jayden and Joey are a perfect team when it comes to putting a loser in his place. Top stuff!!!
Why no burping in his face?
das sind zwei naturdominante echte master....das sieht man ihnen an! sehr erstrebenswert und zum anhimmeln!
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