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The Junkie


24:53 Min. Feet 35%, Socks 25%, , Humiliation with Spit & Sitting 20%, Slaps, Trampling & Crushing 20%

Master Stone earns himself a bit of pocket money by dealing in little bottles. Poppers and the like. . Today he brings his neighbour – a real junkie – a couple of samples. But then it turns out that the guy has no money and only wants to sample, not buy. Master Stone is totally pissed off with that. It doesn't take the junkie any time at all to realise that there's no better way to get on Master Stone's wick. . Instead of Poppers, the loser gets to smell the nasty stink of the young Master's socks and feet The junkie has to take deep whiffs of the nasty smell and is also degraded into being a licking slave If he doesn't carry out his degrading tasks well and speedily enough, then without further ado he's punished with some nasty slaps to the face. Later on the loser gets down on the floor and lies there. .Master Stone spits at the guy, forces his feet into his face, torments him with trampling und hand crushing and sits himself down on him. – Things get damn uncomfortable for the slave in this clip. . Master Stone works his way without mercy through the whole programme. More stinky socks and feet than you can shake a stick at. !!!
video without anything new and repetitive but I like this mean boy with his angel face
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