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The Graduate Vol2 Part 2


25:22 Min. Feet & Socks 40%, Slaps & Kicks 25%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Sneaks 10%

The 'entrance exam' is still not over. At least one of the two candidates – Helmut – gets a last chance to be accepted into the gang consisting of Master Aris, Master Double Dee, Master Fino and Master Zero . But the road there is hard, very hard. "First of all. he'll have to earn the right to be allowed to lick our sneakers" says Master Aris. When at last Helmut's tongue is allowed to touch the godly Mastersneakers, the four lads spring into action. . They slap their victim in the face, so hard that the blows ring out. And again and again Helmut gets spat on. As at some stage he's lying helpless on the floor, the four Masterboys rip off his T-Shirt The slave is kicked and gets even more blows. . He gets his tormentors' stockinged feet and then later their bare feet in his face. .The lads brutally force their feet into Helmut's mouth. And there's no lack of painful and humilating slaps to the face with the feet. Helmut whmpers in pain. But he doesn't want to give up. He totally wants to be accepted into the gang. Whether the three lads will grant him his wish?. … You won't believe the self confidence with which these four new Masters torment and humiliate their victim. Fresh face, really hot action with ample helpings of socks & feet – it doesn't need a moment's thought, order it straight away:!!!
So hot is just what I'm looking for teen chavs in ankle socks treating him like the dirty old man he is.
einmal slave sein-bei möglichst vielen jungen Mastern alles fresse müssen-Hornhaut-Zehnägel-Popel...alles saufen müssen Pisse-Maulrotze-Nasenrotz feetz tief einatmen müssen-Arsch riechen und lecken-Achseln sniffen und sauber lecken einfach nur die dumme Schwuchtel sein
These are the best group of Masters! They work so well together. The young blond is nice and the dark haired guy in the grey top and Nike trainers is perfect! Love his aggression and all the spitting. He seems to really enjoy what he does. Would be great to see a clip with just those 2 and some really dirty socks. Also like to see this group having a spitting contest.
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