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The Garden Professionals


24:30 Min. Sitting & Facesitting 30%, Sneaks 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 25%, Socks 15%, Slaps & Kicks 5%

Cem und Santiago's slave was told to tidy up the garden. But he forgot. For the two Masterboys this is no laughing matter. The slave has to lie down on the dirty ground. "I'm going to fart right into your face", says Master Cem with a nasty grin on his face and sits down on the loser's face. "I hope you choke on it". So Master Santiago picks up with the facesitting The slave can hardly breathe. As things move on, the lads sit on their victim's belly and force their dirty sneakers into his face. Master Santiago's sneakers look particularly bad. Their best days are behind them and they' re riddled with holes. They've got grass and soil sticking to the soles. The slave has to use his tongue to deal with all of that. The lads spit on him and abuse him.. And then it's time for another bout of facesitting. There's no end to the humiliations. The Masterboys use their victim as a pony to ride on. They ride through the whole of the garden and couldn't care less that their pony is near to collapse. To round things off, their slave is turned into a cushion to sit on. Master Santiago forces his stockinged feet into his face. "I've been wearing these socks for a whole five days without changing them" he says and is amused to see how they make the slave suffer – Really hot outdoor action, long facesitting scenes, dirty sneakers and steaming socks – Master Cem and Master Santiago love tormenting and humiliating their victim.
I agree with other reviewers that the slave in this clip is in way too many. I've found myself purposely not excited about the clips if he is in matter who the masters are. Half the time, the slave looks like he's fighting back and wants out. Sometimes it might be difficult to find new slaves but please spare us from this one again....and again. I hate to be so critical but if I'm spending $25 per clip...I need to be picky. Normally I buy all of them but The 4 stars are for the Masters alone.
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