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The alcoholic


25:19 min. Feet 45%, Humiliation with Spit & Living Astray, 35%, Slaps, Kicks & Crushing 15%, Socks & Sneaks 5%

Slave Helmut was told by Master Louis to get the big barbecue in his garden going.But instead of getting the coals warmed up, the lazy slave settles down with a bottle of red wine. . Master Louis is beside himself with rage when he catches Helmut drinking. He labels him an alcoholic and gives him a couple of slaps to the face.. The Master spits on Helmut, forces him to the ground and chokes him with his right foot.. You just won't believe how much the loser has to suffer. "Please stop hitting me" whimpers Helmut but the young Master doesn't know the meaning of the word 'mercy' . He just hits and kicks him again and again, but it's when he gets round to nasty crushing that the sadist in Louis really comes out. While he's punishing the loser, he keeps on hawking up really thick snot and spiting it on his face and into his mouth. And there's ' more humiliation in store. Master Louis grabs hold of the wine bottles which are still standing on the table and violently pours the remnants of the red wine over Helmut. The real stars of this clip are the young Master's godly feet. . "They stink, do they?' Louis asks with a grin on his face as he makes the Slave use his tongue to deal with his really dirty feet. Grass and dirt are stuck to the sweaty feet. Even so, the loser has to deal with it all. – In this clip, nothing is held back. Master Louis also shows himself the master of verbal abuse.. Helmut is really afraid of the Master. That's not put on it's for real. This is not a session for softies!
....deine natürzliche Domianz ist bewunderswert! Diese Aggressivität im Blick und in der Stimme...zum anbeten!
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