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That's our Bed! Part 2


24:52 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 35%, Sitting & Facesitting 20%, Slaps 5%, Socks 5%

In the first part of 'That's our Bed' Master Reno and his mate dished out some stiff punishment to their slave. That's what comes of a slave being cheeky enough to presume that it's ok for his Master to sleep on the floor. Now, the punishment done, the stupid loser has changed his tune. "Yes, you can have the bed', he says to his tormentors 'but just leave me in peace" That's met with a nasty grin from Reno and his mate. They leave the slave in no doubt that now it's really going to kick off. And they're as good as their word! The loser has to put up with degradation after degradation. Again and again the slave is filled up with thick snot. , When he's allowed to swallow it down, he has to be a good boy and thank his Masters for the snot. Master Reno and his mate also degrade their victim with extensive sitting and facesitting. They force their dirty socks into his mouth, they slap him, they use him as a pony to ride on and they make him bark like a dog. The loser has to use his tongue to lick up dirt and snot from the floor. The lads also acquaint him with their bare feet. . – In this second part, Master Reno and his mate take things up a gear. The way they torment and humiliate their victim is so nasty. The camera is always right up with the action!
Spectaculare video and very very hot facesitting of two beautiful Masters!!
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