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That's our Bed! Part 1


23:43 Min. Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 30%, Socks & Sneacks 20%, Slaps & Trampling 20%

Master Reno and his mate plan to watch an important football match on the TV in their slave's flat. They to sleep there too. To which the loser offers this observation: "But I've only got one bed, one of you will have to kip down on the floor".Reno and his mate are both of the same mind "What a cheek, that's our bed. If anyone's going to sleep on the floor that's your place as slave" The loser can't quite grasp this and so the two Masterboys need to do some explaining - in their own special way. The stupid loser is slapped on the face, trampled and ridden like a pony. In short, he is used like the lowest form of dirt. Again and again the slave is spat on. and his mouth is filled up with loads of master snot. He is only allowed to swallow it down when his mouth is filled up to the brim with his tormentors' snot. Sniffing socks and licking feet is also part and parcel of the slave's duties. Apart from that he has to use his tongue to lick up snot and dirt from the floor. So nasty! – For the slave in this two-parter nothing is held back.

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