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27:40 Min. Socks & Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Piss & Living Ashtray 30%, Sneaks 25%, Kicks & Slaps 15%

A clip that we shot quite a long time ago has been lying around in the BMB Archive. We don't want to keep it from you any longer..What it shows is how Master Crazy D and Master Lars, just because they're so bored and wanting to mess about, do a slave over. For starters, there's a few slaps and gob in the face.While the two Masterboys smoke, they use the victim as a footstool and as an ashtray. While they're doing that, there are a few kicks and some more snot into the mouth. It goes without saying that the slave has to use his tongue to deal with his tormentors' fairly shabby trainers. The socks that are revealed when Master Lars takes his shoes off should really have gone straight to the tip. The slave almost throws up when he's made to breathe in the hugely nasty smell. His bare feet taste taste and smell even stronger than his socks had led the slave to believe. But of course Master Crazy D is still there too and so there are two more Master feet. Master Lars ties the slave up so that he can't fight back. .And then this chavvy young master has another surprise up his sleeve: The action moves to the bathroom where the loser is pissed on, mostly in the middle of his face. Hot action and humiliation featuring two chav Masterboys. You have to see master Lars' socks !

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