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Street Masters - Game over


23:21Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 35%, Slaps & Beatings 30%

The Street Masters are back! This time they take charge of a beggar. The guy came on to them on the street in a stupid way. Now the three young sadists take out their anger on the poor loser. The beggar has to take some really brutal punishment. Again and again, he's slapped and hit so hard that you can hear the blows ring out. The three lads show no mercy as they force their dirty sneakers into his face. "Tongue out!" The loser has to lick away all the dirt. Later on the beggar is made to inhale the nasty stench from his tormentors' socks and feet - inhaling really deep, just as it should be. The Street Masters use the loser as a pony to ride on. They keep on gobbing into his face and mouth, hawking it up with horrible noses from deep down. "Swallow" orders one of the Street Masters with a nasty grin on his face. –The Street Masters are spontaneously cast and you can just see how much they enjoy tormenting and degrading a loser in front of the BMB camera. It's all genuine. In this clip two new southern Masters join in. Only at BMB can you find anything like this !!!
Wow, the blue jacket guy is amaziiing ! I hope to see more, like facesitting video with this young master :)
The guy with the blue jacket is so authentically dominant. PLEASE MORE OF HIM IN THE FUTURE VIDEOS The only thing that was lacking was the lack of facesitting. And please match him up with your NEW YOUNG SLAVE in the future videos
DIE DREI SIND SOOOOOOOO HAMMA !!!!!! Das Ohrfeigen-Trio !! Eigentlich steh' ich nicht auf Schläge, aber wenn man dem Trio so zuschaut bekomm' ich langsam Lust daran... Auch cool, wie ein Master-Boss immer den Rücken des Slaves übernimmt. Fehlt nur noch der Schenkel-Schwitzkasten vom Master-Boss am Hals/Kopf des Slaves - immer schönes Training für die Oberschenkel der Master-Bosse... Aber euch Götter würde ich nicht nur eure megaleckeren Füße, sondern auch eure Eier schön mit Mund & Zunge massieren !!! Na dann, fröhliche OSTERN ..auch wenn ich weiß das ihr mit diesem Fest nichts anfangen könnt...…………….
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