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Street Master - Extreme Humiliation


24:32 Min. Socks & Feet 30%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Slaps 15%, Sitting 15%, Sneaks 10%

Street Master Junis is angry with his boring slave.. Using nasty sock and feet action as will as an extra helping of humiliation he wants to give him what's for. The Masterboy works the slave over with his stinky socks, abuses him , gobs straight into his mouth and gives him a few juicy slaps to the face. Now and again, Street Master Junis also gobs onto the floor. Then the loser has to lick it all up. "Tongue out!!". Later on, the slave has to take his master's dirty socks into his mouth.. When he's done all this, Junis demands that his slave give him a thorough foot massage - using his mouth, it goes without saying. Loads of foot cheese has to be dealt with. The slave also finds plenty to eat between his Master's toes. . As the loser lies on the floor, his master brutally forces his feet into his mouth. Later on, the slave has to serve as a cushion for his Master to sit on. . The Master puts his feet into position on the loser's face. . The living floor cushion has to put up with loads of slaps to the face and with swallowing down huge quantities of snot. Powerful stuff! The slave is also made to eat his tormentor's dirty socks. . – This good looking guy from Southern Europe, Marco, has an excellent understanding of how to torment and humiliate his victim. . Street Master Junis shows absolutely no mercy .
Master Junis ist von allen Mastern der coolste, hat den südländischen Ausdruck der absoluten Überlegenheit und genießt seine sadistische Macht- er schlägt gelassen und genießt die Ohrfeigen in der Fresse eines dummen und faulen Sklaven. Er schlägt GERNE! Ich und viele wünschen sich, dass er sich auch vermehrt auf die blöden Sklavenfressen setzt, die können ruhig ein bisschen Atemnot kriegen.
Master Junis ist einfach klasse. Sehr gut aussehend, sehr dominant und sehr schöne gepflegte Füße. Master Junis würde ich auch gern mal zu Füßen liegen. Hoffe es gibt noch viele tolle Videos mit ihm.
The Master is fantastic. Great face slapping. Next time, more pony riding with the slave. And possibly a younger one.
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