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Street Master and the Dealer


24:30 Min. Feet, Socks & Sneaks 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting & Ponyplay 35%, Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 25%

Street Master Junis got to know a young dealer last night. A real loser! Because the Street Master fancies a joint, he calls the dealer up. "Hey, you arsehole where are you? Get your stuff together and get yourself over here". Just a few minutes later the obedient dealer is standing at the front door. As Junis pops to the loo, the visitor sits himself down on the couch. The dealer spots his customer's hot pair of sneakers on the floor. He can't resist taking hold of them so as to suck out their nasty stench. Just as he's doing that, Junis comes back into the living room and sees the dealer getting off on his sneakers. Junis decides to show him what for. The ingredients for this top hot humiliation cocktail are a worn pair of sneakers, steaming socks, stinky feet, kicks, sitting lasting minute after minute, really hard slaps to the face, ponyplay and litres of master snot that the loser gets served up in his mouth or has to lick up from the floor. – Street Master Junis is already a BMB quality mark for extreme action. The way that in this clip he works over his victim and gobs from on high into his mouth, all filmed from the slave's perspective, is just great!
Love this master, he have a really beautiful feet and I like to see while humiliating his slave. Great!
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