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Spit and Slaps and stinky Feet


23:50 Min. Humiliation & Spit 30%, Feet 30%, Sneaks & Socks 25%, Slaps & Kicks 15%

No slave has ever before had to swallow down so much Master snot in a BMB clip as the slave has to swallow down in this clip. Master Kelvin and three other Masterboys leave the slave with no choice. Again and again, the loser has to open up his mouth so that the lads can get rid of their thick snot. Sometimes, the slave has to lick the snot up from the floor, or off the soles of his four tormentors' sneaks. Again and again comes the command to open up his mouth. When he doesn't do that as quickly as the lads want, they hand out some kicks and resounding slaps to their victim. The sadistic Master quartet are all of one mind. They have to be really nasty to their slave, teach him his place and humiliate him. That means loads of work for the loser - licking their sneaks clean, sniffing their socks and then giving them a good chewing. Their feet smell really high as the slave has to deal with them too. Lots of treats lie in wait for the loser between their toes…. – In the best BMB tradition, a slave is pushed to his limits in this clip. Spit and slaps and stinky feet – the title of the clip says it all!
What I wouldn't give to be the slave for 4 young Alpha Masters! Heck, just one would suffice. But 4?? From start to finish, the slave was dominated putty in their hands...and soles. Master Kelvin continues to soar as a first-rate Master and is even better in a group. The loud hard slaps of Master Junis (not sure of his name anymore) are welcome to see and hear...not to mention the plethora of spit. The best part was watching the pure enjoyment and arrogance on all the Master's faces - which they backed up with a solid and very nasty degrade . The harder the clips the better!
würde alles sniffen-lecken-pisse saufen-popel fressen-rülpser und furze geniessen-ohfeigen maulrotze-nasenrotz-alles fressen
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