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Socks and Feet – extra smelly


24:26 Min. Feet 30%, Socks 20%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 20%, Slaps, Trampling & Kicks 20%, Facesitting 5%, Sneaks 5%

It's been a long, strenuous day and so Master Buddy needs his feet to be well looked after. Lots of work in store for the slave. After he's used his tongue to clear the street dirt from Buddy's sneaks, he has to sniff the nasty stench from his Master's well dirty and well stinky socks. It's a long time since we've seen - and smelt - such dirty socks at BMB. Master Buddy's bare feet are also not meant for delicate noses! The slave gets nothing held back. Licking sweat from his Master's soles, sucking his toes, taking his whole feet deep into his mouth – Buddy has no consideration for his footslave. Whenever Buddy isn't content with the standard of licking and sniffing, the loser is tormented with slaps to the face, kicks or trampling. The young Master's repertoire of humiliations also runs to spitting, extended ponyplay and Facesitting. – No-one can quite understand how the slave managed to survive Master Buddy's really stinky socks.
Ein jeder sollte versklavt werden, bis er sich freiwillig den Füßen von MasterBoss Buddy unterordnet !!! Auch diesem MasterBoss-King hat man ohne wenn und aber zu dienen...….
master 10/10 Points. HOT Hot HOT ! !
what a hot master-please make him smoking too on the next video
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