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So where's my money?


24:06 Min. Feet 35%, Slaps & Beatings with the Belt 25%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Socks 15%

Master Isma isn't feeling well disposed towards his slave. The stupid loser owes him money. Isma's already been waiting days for him to pay him back. But in vain. When Isma meets up with the slave, he punishes him with a few juicy slaps to the face. But there's more in store. The young Master also beats the loser with his belt. Damn painful. As the punishment begins, the slave has to get acquainted with his tormentor's steamy socks. He has to take a deep whiff of the nasty stench. While he's doing that, the slave keeps on being spat on and slapped. Then it's time for some tongue massage. Isma makes the slave lick the dirt and the sweat from his bare feet. That includes giving a thorough cleaning to the toes and especially the space between the toes. As well as that, the Master demands extensive massage to his feet. In the course of the punishment, the slave also has to swallow down huge quantities of his Master's snot, as well as licking up his Master's snot from off the floor. – Master Isma enjoys degrading his victim and walloping him with his belt. Really hot BMB action!!

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