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Sniff, piggy!


21:57 Min. Feet & Socks 50%, Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting, Sniffing Armpits & Ponyplay 35%, Slaps, Trampling & Nipple Torture 20%

In this clip, Master Kelvin und Master Junus' slave has to sniff everything which appears before his nose. Not just pungent Master feet and Master socks but also the two lads' stinky armpits. And as well as that, Master Kelvin docks his hot butt onto the loser's nose.Serving as a cushion for Kelvin to sit on leads to a really special sniffing experience for the loser. As the story begins, the slave says that he'll just have a lie down for five minutes after Kelvin and Justus leave the flat. But when not long after the two Masterboys come back home, the slave is still lazing on the sofa. Reason enough for some stringent punishment. Slaps to the face, trampling, nipple torture - Kelvin and Junus know no mercy. As the slave uses his tongue to deal with Master Junus' bare feet, the other Master sits on his back and wallops him. Not only that, the loser has to give some stinky Master socks a good chewing and swallow down huge quantities of Master snot. – Really hot feet and sock action with a hugely engaged master duo and a slave who has to go to the limit in what he has to do.
Nice to see Junus back after his great performance in TTBAM. There is something about this guy that makes him so hot. He has that natural dominance that I sometimes see in other guys with a Turkish background, that kind of southern macho attitude that is difficult to emulate. His toned lanky body is also hot. And of top of that he is a great spitter. His loogies are impressive. It would be also hot to see him smoke cigarettes while he dominates. And that he wears a football tracksuit and socks and slides. Wow. One small note of disappointment: I was hoping that he would speak Turkish like he did in TTBAM. Maybe next time! Thanks again, you do a great job!
Master Kelvin continues to build himself to be in the upper echelon of BMB's iconic Master's. Master Kelvin knows exactly what to do and loves dishing it out. He really does enjoy himself. Loved him pinching the slaves' nipples. Adding Master support but dominant in his own right, is Master Junus (dubbed Master Ayden in his first clip, Training to be a Master). Master Junus was rather lost in the TTBAM clip as he was competing with iconic Master Otis and also new to the scene in that fantasic clip, Master Neo. Master Junus was beyond nasty here...loved his hair pulling, spit and hard face slaps. He really came into his own. Added bonus is having a great new slave to degrade...who has long hair and if you're into hair pulling while the Master's spit into their face like I am, you'll be in absolute heaven.
Was ist Junus für ein geiler Master! Wie er da gechillt auf dem Sofa sitzt und seine geilen Füße bearbeiten lässt, echt souverän! Seine Füße schauen göttlich aus und auch sein Gesicht ist ziemlich herausragend. Er hat eine Art Engels- oder Prinzengesicht. Und dann kommt sein männliches Mastergehabe dazu. Ich mag den Burschen. Die dunklen Typen finde ich genial - so richtig alphamäßig. Krass ist auch die Szene ab Minute 14:20, wo beide Master bedient werden. Ab Minute 14:54 wird der Fuß von Master Junus bearbeitet. Hier sieht man, dass es Master Junus Spaß macht, denn er lächelt genussvoll. Das macht dann mir als Zuschauer natürlich auch Spaß. Master Junus ist mit Master Kelvin eine ideale Besetzung. Ich hoffe wir sehen ihn öfter.
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