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sit and spit excess


26:31 Min. Sitting & Facesitting 25%, Sneaks, Socks & Feet 25 %, Humiliation with Spit & Piss 25%, Slaps & Kicks 25%

You'll hardly believe how much humiliation slave Helmut has to take in this clip. Things kick off with him lying on the ground and Master Fino siting on his breast. The young Master keeps on spitting loads of gob into his mouth. Master Zero also takes part in the humiliation. "Just let it all roll", Fino tells his mate and before you know it Zero's spit is also landing in Helmut's mouth. The two lads take it in turns to use the slave as a cushion to sit on and press their dirty sneaks into his face. In the meantime, Helmut is constantly spat on, hit and kicked. Helmut's head is jammed between Zero's thighs and then slaps to the face start to rain down. Left, right, left , right, smash! Then Master Fino sits on Helmut's face. "Poo that stinks" wails the loser. Later on, Master Zero also sits on Helmut's face. . Oh, what a smell… The socks also taste a treat! Helmut is allowed to take a deep whiff of their stench. Fino brutally shoves his feet into the slave's mouth . And then there's another surprise in store: the young Master locks the loser's head into a head scissors. Outside on the balcony, Helmut has to lie down on the ground. He's showered with Fino's warm Master piss . - Master Fino and Master Zero look sooo harmless, but behind their youthful facade, too dominant lads lurk who are as hard as nails and who take real delight in tormenting and humiliating their victim. In this clip, they pass their BMB Master test once and for all.
It's exciting to see facesitting on the slave ! I hope to see more facesitting scenes : for example , let two slaves sit on the ground but put their head on the sofa (so their faces can serve as cushions) and let two young masters just sit on their slaves' faces while playing video games... Please use the slave's face as a cushion to be sitten on the sofa, and the slave should sit himself on the ground so that the master boy can do facesitting and balls-kicking on the same time :)
The owner of the black curly hair is fantastic and loves his ass !!!
I would suck master zero’s feet till the my throat dribk his piss and swallow all his spits, i would drink litres and litres of his piss and give massages in his feet
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