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Shut up, old man


26:11 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Facesitting, Pinning & Ponyplay 35%, Feet 25%, Slaps, Kicks, Trampling, Beatings with the Belt and with the Roding Crop 25%, Sneaks & Socks 15%

Master Chio and Master Jake are chilling. Then Chio's stepfather gets home and starts creating stress. He can't stand Jake and tries to make him look stupid. It would have been better if he'd kept his mouth shut. The two lads have lost patience with him. Now they'll show the old idiot who really is in charge here. Before he knows it the loser finds himself lying with his back to the floor with Chio's and.Jake's shoes in his face. Chio sits down on the stepfather he detests, slaps him in the face and gobs into his mouth. Then it's Jake's turn. The two Masterboys work themselves up into a real torture orgy. Slaps to the face, kicks, trampling - the loser is soared nothing. The two lads equip themselves with a belt and a riding whip. 'Give him a good whipping, he's deserved it' is what Chio tells his mate to do. The lads, who in the meantime have taken off their T shirts, give their victim no let up. The guy, who is lying on the ground, has to sniff the damp stench from their socks and lick their feet, he's used as a cushion to sit on and mistreated as a pony to ride on and again and again spat on. Chio sits down on his face. Only the thin material of Chio's underwear separate the loser's nose from his stepson's arse. Things turn even nastier in the bathroom. The loser has to lie down in the bathtub and gets some more mistreatment before the lads take turns to piss into his mouth. To mark the end of the year, here is a really hard clip with top quality torment and humiliation. The scenes taken from the slave's perspective are especially hot. Seeing those, you'll want to join in serving Master Chio and Master Jake
Zwei HAMMAGEILE MasterBosse mit vier megaleckeren MasterFüßen, vergoldeten KäseSocken und einzigartigen Zehennägeln !! Alles in allem eine einzigartige DELIKATESSE ..und wenn der Slave dann noch zum Abschluss die goldene MasterPisse im Face & Maul zu spüren bekommt, dann hat man als Slave alles richtig gemacht und vergöttert seine MasterBosse um so mehr !!! Nehmt platz auf meine Schultern/Rücken und lasst mich eure Schenkelmuckis, Waden & Füße spüren.............
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