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Rent a Slave


25:22 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 40%, Trampling, Kicks, Slaps & Nipple Twister 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting & Licking Armpits 25%

Cem has been dreaming for quite a long time of doing a slave over in a really nasty way. He's heard that Kelvin who lives in the same street as he does has got his own slave that he's willing to rent out to other Master lads .. Cem makes his mind up, rings on Kelvin's bell and gets straight to the point. Cem can hire the loser for 100 Euro. But to start off with Cem of course wants to know what Kelvin's slave is into. He isn't disappointed. Master Kelvin has got his slave well sorted out.. It doesn't matter whether it's kicks, trampling, slaps to the face, punches or nipple twisting - the loser can take it all and says 'thank you' very nicely for every torment and humiliation. Soon Cen is enthusiastically joining in. It makes him feel good to kick the slave, to hit him and to stand on him. 'Stop your moaning, shut your mouth' the young Master tells the loser. . Master Kelvin and Master Cem enjoy having their trainers and their feet licked clean. The loser is allowed to sniff their socks and swallow their thick snot. Master Kelvin has some more surprises up his sleeve. He sits on his slave's face and says to him 'Now you can smell my arse'. Later on Master Kelvin takes off his T-Shirt and tells the slave he has to give his sweaty armpits a good licking. – Master Kelvin and new Master Cem – a really top combination. Top rate torment and humilaitions from two Masterboys at the top of their game. Order and enjoy straight away!
Indeed like to see farting on the slaves and let them sniff it.
A great debut by both these hot Masters who totally enjoy teasing and humiliating their slave with some great feet action, highlight of the video is Master Kelvin taking off his jacket and shirt to force his slave to lick his armpits!
these hot boys need to fart hard on slave's face while they listen to hip hop, please make it happen
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