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Really Nice Neighbours


25:24 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Piss 30%, Socks 30%, Sneaks 25%, Slaps, Kicks & Nipple Twist 15%

A young man rings at Kelvin and Jerome's front door. The guy lives on the eighth floor and has locked himself out. He's hoping for a bit of neighbourly help from Kelvin and Jerome.. He asks in a friendly way whether he can borrow Kelvin's mobile phone for a minute or two. . But in the two good looking lads he has hit on the wrong people.. . Sure enough, Kelvin and Jerome invite him into their flat. . But to get him into their power and , not to allow him to make a call.. A loser like this guy from the eighth floor is just the sort of person they were looking for. No sooner is he in their living room than he gets a couple of ringing slaps to the face.from Kelvin. From now on he has to say 'thank you' for every slap to the face, for every kick and for every helping of snot which he gets in his mouth. It won' t go well for him if he forgets that. . Master Kelvin and Master Jerome can make life very uncomfortable, as their victim is soon to find out to his cost. . The two lads insist on their filthy sneakers being well licked. . And the loser has to spend a lot of time sniffing the stench from the Masters' socks. All the way through there are regular shouts of 'Open your mouth' as yet another helping of hawked up snot lands in the slave's wide open mouth. Kelvin and Jerome enjoy degrading their guest.. . So that for example the guy has to serve as a pony to ride on . . There's also no lack of facesitting, combined with some painful twists of the nipples. To round things off, the loser has to creep into the bathroom on all fours and kneel down in the shower. Master Kelvin showers the guy from top to bottom - and not with fresh water. - Two dark-skinned Masters give free rein to their deepest fantasies. . Totally hot action and totally powerful camera positions from the slave's perspective. . A great clip!
It is one of the Super Clip after long time @ BMB. Master Kelvin already took the crown of Master Aris's Slap Master. Both the masters tried their level best to show the place of loser. I urge all the BMB users to buy this clip which itself has all kind of fantasies by Black Masters and Support BMB to have such clips in future. Thank you BMB!
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