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OMG - The masters are drunken


24:47 Min. Feet 35%, Trampling, Kicks, Slaps & Hand-Crushing 25%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Facesitting 15%

Late one evening in Aris' and Dan's flat: the two Masterboys have already downed a bellyfull of beer and absolutely are up for another load. That's why they've sent their slave to the garage so that he can sort out a refill. But the stupid loser dares to come home without any beer. . Aris and Dan aren't satisfied with his explanation that the shop has run out of beer. The're totally pissed off and work out their frustration on the poor slave. They are brutal beyond measure and show the loser no mercy. The Masterboys torment their victim with really hard slaps with their hands and their feet, with trampling, kicks and nasty hand- crushing. The lads are bent on making their victim really suffer. Again and again, the slave is spat on- Master Dan hawks up an especially fat load and gobs it into his victim's mouth. Extreme facesitting is also part of Aris and Dan's repertoire. The camera is close up as they sit on the loser's face. Again and again the two Masterboys force their bare feet into the slave's face. 'Kiss each toe, one by one. Don't forget between the toes either .' Aris and Dan allow their victim no let up. – Godly bare feet from beginning to end, really hard slaps and torments, thick snot and hot facesitting : Master Aris and Master Dan, in their drunken state, deliver a clip which leaves no wish unfulfilled.
Master Aris is THE Master. I just wish he slapped MORE in this clip. I wish their was more spit. Also a big fan of Master Dan. He's relatively new but really seems to be in his element and I look to many more clips with him. The humiliations were there which was great. This slave has come a long way. I used to bypass his many clips because he looked like he was fighting against the Masters. I don't know if it was because he wasn't into them...but trust me, this slave is more than into Master Aris and whatever he can dish out. The only other negative I have is that the clip is somewhat dark and it's difficult to see all the action.
Master Aris when boozed there is no limit for humiliation. Romain too learned slapping the loser. You find outstanding brutality when masters are boozed I feel. There were many masters ruling we saw @BMB. Right now the King of BMB is master Aris......... the Slapping master!!!The slave is lucky here......Worth to buy......... BMB ROCKS!!!
Von Master Aris ist keine Langeweile zu erwarten und gibt wieder eine sich zu unterwerfende Glanzleistung ab. Vor allem die Facesittingszenen in Jeans finde ich besonders geil. Man muss erkennen können wie der Slave um Atem ringt und wenn er Luft bekommt, dann ist diese durch die Jeans gefiltert und durch des Masters ehrwürdigen individuellen Intimduft bereichert. Er sollte sich glücklich schätzen, so etwas erfahren die meisten nur in ihrer Fantasie.
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