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No more Chilling!


24:53 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Licking Armpits, Farts & Nipple Twist 35%, Facesitting/Sitting 10%, Slaps 10%, Socks 10%,

Lenny, who's just started sharing a flat with Master Kelvin, is sat down on the sofa, chilling. The way that Lenny just lazes around is really getting on Kelvin's nerves. Kelvin decides it's high time to take this guy down a peg and forces his lazy flatmate to the floor. The punishment kicks off with some painful nipple twisting and a whole succession of slaps to the face. A bit later Kelvin's mate Reno turns up and gets enthusiastic as he joins in tormenting and degrading Lenny. The loser has to massage his tormentors' feet with and then without their socks and inhale their cheesy stench. His tongue has to work overtime. While all this is going on, Lenny is again and again slapped and humiliated: thick snot straight into his mouth, nipple twisting, sitting and facesitting, armpits licked, farts into the face – the two Masterboys leave no stone unturned. – Some hard as nails action and a new, young, good looking slave: this clip is an absolute must for every BMB fan!
thanks for focusing more on pure FEET smelling forced action. Its something hard to find because other fetishes (spit, slaps) seem to get more time but lately you've been doing more FEET action especially smelling and its AWESOME. Please dont stop
Fantactic Farts.
Very good story and Lenny is excellent! More with him to come?
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