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No Laughing!


24:58 Min. Sneaks 25%, Socks 25%, Humiliation & Spit 20%, Sitting/Facesitting 15%, Trampling & Slaps 15%

Not for the first time, the lazy slave has forgotten to clean the flat. Master Kelvin and Master Red are not amused. Before the slave gets on with doing some cleaning, the two Masterboys get him to lick their dirty sneaks clean. The soles especially need that and, with a nasty grin on his face, Master Red tells him to lick from bottom to top. While he's doing this, the loser is fed regular supplies of snot. Master Kelvin hawks snot up all up, tells the slave to open his mouth and before you know it a full helping of snot is on its way. Whenever the slave has swaIlowed some of their snot, the two Masterboys dish out some really hard slaps to the face to their victim . Trampling, sock sniffing, facesitting, etc. etc. – although the slave has to put up with unbelievable levels of abuse and degradation, he just keeps on grinning. That gets on the lads' nerves. – In this clop the slave has the grin wiped from his face. Master Kelvin and Master Red know absolutely no mercy.
Endlich mal wieder ausgiebige Facesitting Szenen:) Leider zu wenig mit geiler Jeans von Master Red. Master Red ist ein gut getarnter Sadist, mit dem schön Jungen Gesicht schlechthin. Seine Mimik finde ich genial und freue mich auf mehr Szenen mit ihm, in denen her dann etwas aktiver noch rangeht. Guter Clip
Best Clip since a Long time
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