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Matteo`s Scally Dog


24:13 Min. Humiliation with Doggy Play, Breath Control & Spit 35%, Sneaks 25%, Slaps, Kicks, Blows with the Whip, Trampling & Crushing 25%, Feet & Socks 15%

He's one of the new stars in the BMB constellation: Matteo. In this red hot clip, he turns his slave Helmut into a doggy. He takes sadistic delight in tormenting and degrading his victim. Young Matteo may be, but he has loads of experience of being a Master behind him. One of his cruel specialties is depriving slaves of air to breathe. Doggy Helmut also gets this kind of torture. Over and above that, there is no lack of slaps to the face and blows from the riding crop. Master Matteo holds nothing back. He doesn't know the meaning of the word 'consideration'. He combines standing on Helmut's head with assaulting his victim with the riding crop. Really nasty. Kicks to the face, trampling and hand crushing are also all part of Master Matteo's repertoire of torture. The way in which this Master sits on his slave, slaps him in the face and then uses his hands to squash up Helmut's mouth so that it looks like a fish's mouth is really hot to look at. Then he hawks up some snot , spits the slime into Helmut's face and grins as he says, 'Something from my deepest heart just for you.'. Again and again the loser is spat on, hit, tormented with breath control and humiliated. So Helmut is only allowed to drink water from a bowl and he has to give paw. Pure degradation. But Helmut does get some moments to savour - for example when his tongue makes direct contact with his Master's trainers or his feet or when he's allowed to suck in the godly smell from his Master's socks. You've only got yourself to blame if you don't order this clip. Hot action from the first minute to the last with a Master who makes every slave weak at the knees is guaranteed!
I like it
Matteo, I love you!!!
i would like with the trainers' incident
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