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Master Reno's hungry


24:33 Min. Feet 25%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Trampling, Slaps & Nipple Torture 25%, Socks & Sneaks 15%, Sitting/Facesitting 10%

Master Reno's hungry. He tells his slave to bring him something to eat. But the fridge is empty. The slave tries to excuse himself by telling his Master, "You didn't get anything in". Damn cheek! That really pisses Reno off - and because he's hungry, things take an aggressive turn. That doesn't bode well for the slave. The stupid loser is brutally punished and degraded. Slaps to the face, trampling, nipple torture – Master Reno leaves no stone unturned. And the humiliation that is dished out to to him is pretty powerful stuff. The slave has to swallow down huge quantities of Master snot as well as licking it up from the floor. Reno sits himself down on him - not least on his face - and enjoys seeing the loser suffer under his weight. Dirty sneakers, stinky socks and sweaty feet also form part of the action. – This session is so hot. Reno has absolutely no mercy! Later on in the clip, the Master takes off his T Shirt. What a sight for sore eyes !!!

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