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Master of Masters


24:04 Min. Sneaks & Feet 40%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Slaps, Trampling & Kicks 25%, Socks 5%

He may have the face of an angel, but he can also be a real devil : when Master Duke has a slave under his feet, he knows no mercy. The loser who is put in his place by Duke in this clip has to take extreme torment and degradation. The 'Master of Masters', which is how Duke wants to be addressed by his slave, starts off by getting his dirty sneaks licked clean. You won't believe how much dirt is sticking to the soles. All the while, as the slave uses his tongue to deal with the dirt, he gets slapped in the face and spat on. And there's no lack of trampling in this clip either. When the slave gets round to having to breathe in the stench from Duke's socks, he almost passes out. Originally they were completely white, but underneath they're now dark brown. The slave has to give thorough attention to Duke's bare feet and especially his toes as well, and they smell really bad. When the slave ends up lying on his back in front of the sofa, Master Duke uses his feet to give the loser's face a good kneading . In between all this, thick helpings of snot keep on landing in the slave's wide open mouth. – What a totally hot Master, what a totally hot clip! Ten out of ten!
I just bought this vid, i'm shocked how i LOVE IT. THANKS BMB !
Master Duke is fantastic in this but the slave got let off lightly and was moaning at trivial things . Master Duke should have been more aggressive with this lazy pig. Lets hope next time this lazy slave gets a proper beating and starts to lick his Masters sneakers properly in future.
Duke is a great master....more clips like this....!!!
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