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Master Dragon’s Bitch


23:18 Min. Feet 25%, Sneaks & Socks 25%, Trampling, Kicks, Slaps & Nipple Torture 25%, Humiliation & Spit 25%

Udo only moved into the flat share two days ago. But he's already begun to feel that that was a mistake, above all because of Dragon, one of the men who are sharing the flat. Udo's always having to tidy away this macho young man's dirty clobber. Udo isn't backward in giving vent to his anger: "This isn't a flat share, it's a place of punishment". The loser isn't far off the mark in talking about punishment. Because Dragon – sorry : MASTER Dragon – has been just waiting to get his fellow tenant under his power. Dragon makes it all clear to his victim: "You're my bitch, that's all there is to it" From now on, things turn very, very uncomfortable for Udo. Licking sneaks, sniffing smelly feet, feet massage, and somewhere along the way loads of slaps to the face, kicks and trampling - Master Dragon shows his true colours as a nasty sadist. The loser even has to endure torture to his nipples. But things turn even worse for Udo when Master Dragon shows no mercy in shoving a foot down his mouth. "It's going to go even deeper" demands the good looking sadist. Udo gets a kicking as he lies on the floor. Later on he lies on his back in front of the sofa - with one of his Master's stinky socks in his mouth. Dragon savours having his feet and toes massaged. Then he plants his bare feet on Udo's face. Only his mouth stays free so that Dragon can gob into it. – Master Dragon knows what real slaves need, . In this clip he gives his slave a really hard going over.
Nobody, that's who. Any clip with Master Dragon is iconic. He just has EVERY single quality you'd want in a Master. This long-haired slave is very lucky indeed. Master Dragon doesn't even break a sweat thoroughly degrading the slave. My favorites include when Master Dragon is lounging against the couch pillow with one arm behind him, calls the slave over from having Dragon's foot in his mouth and precedes to lob spit at his face. Master Dragon suddenly laughed uncontrollably and I wondered what beyond the Slave salivating every spit lob could cause it? In a seconds later shot, I noticed a spit lob smack dab on the wall! Too bad Slave wasn't ordered to lick it up. My other favorite part was when slave was on his back and Master Dragon used his bare feet to keep his arms back...and then smacked the slaves nipples really hard...back and forth...then played with the nipples. Master Dragon also issued some very hard face smacks which I want more of. Buy this clip immediately!
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