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Life by Master Andre


23:42 Min. Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Booges, Licking Armpits & Licking Belly Buttom 30%, Wax Torture 15%, Sneaks & Socks 15%, Sitting 10%

A cool Autumn day. . Master André gets down to business with a new slave. . He loves tormenting and humiliating his victim He sits down on the slave and tortures him with lots of candle wax. He knows that the area around the nipples is particularly sensitive. The slave can hardly bear the pain. At one and the same time as being tormented by Master Andre, he has has to lick his dirty feet. While all this is going on, André keeps on hawking up thick snot Then 'Open up' - and before you know it the loser has loads to swallow down. . Later Master André drags some thick boogies out of his nose and gets his slave to lick them from his index finger Yes, this master macho guy knows a thing or two about humiliation. After he gets rid of his T shirt, he insists on his armpits and his belly button being licked clean. Really hot stuff!. The slave's tongue is fully deployed. . The Master wants his Chucks and his Nike Airs to really shine. . His bare feet also need quite a bit of attention. The spicy smell coming from his feet is gathered up in his spocks which he's already been wearing for seven days. New he presses them down on his slave's nose. 'Go on, take a deep breath!' To round things off, the action moves into the bathroom. The loser has to lie down in the bathtub. .Andres enjoys psising all over him and aiming particularly for his face. .– BMB's hot autumn moves on apace. Master André is once again completely in his element. You'll hardly believe how nasty he is as he brings his victim under his control!
Andre is a natural sadist who enjoys making losers suffer, a true street punk with ripped jeans and "Fuck you all" tattoo on his chest. I bet he was a real nasty school bully when he was younger, as he seems to know every trick in the bullying handbook.
der Hund kriecht
Master Andre ist der geilste Master..sein cooler fieser gesichtsausdruck ist göttlich-ich würde gerne sein dummes Opfer sein
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