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It`s Knut


25:15 Min. Feet 25%, Humiliation & Spit 20%, Sneaks & Socks 20%, Food Crushing 20%, Sneaks & Socks 15%

Knut is a Scandinavian brand which has become known world wide as a result of an advertising campaign by a Swedish firm of furniture retailers. Knut day in January is the day in the far north on which Christmas trees past their sell by date are dealt with by having their decorations removed and then being discarded. This applies to slave Helmut too who one morning is given the task by Master Joda of taking his worn out Christmas tree to the recycling centre. But what does the young Master see when he gets home that evening? The tree is still out there on the balcony. It goes without saying that Joda is really pissed off that his slave has been so lazy. Slap, slap. slap - without further ado, the slave catches a few juicy slaps to the face. Helmut sees the error of his ways and promises to get rid of the tree straight away. But first of all Master Joda wants to have a bit of fun. He uses his mega-cool pair of Nikes to squash an apple on the floor and makes his slave lick it all up. As things move on, more fruit is squashed up - this time with his bare feet. To add a bit of taste some thick snot is added in.There's a whole load of action in this redhot clip - with trainers, socks and, above all, with bare feet. And there's no shortage of nasty torments in the shape of kicks, trampling and slaps to the face. Order it and enjoy it straight away!

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