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Knocked out by Kelvin


23:06 Min. Humiliation with spit, piss, facesitting, armpit licking , ponyplay and forced feeding 50%, feet, socks & sneaks 35%, slaps & trampling 15%

Master Kelvin is a sadist through and through. He enjoys being able to torment and degrade his stupid slave. This time, Master Kelvin goes even further than he has in his previous clips. He finds nasty ways to put the loser in his place and has to let Kelvin use him as a pony to ride on. No sooner has the Master climbed down than he tells him to open his mouth. Before he knows it, the slave has a thick helping of snot in his mouth. In this clip, the loser has to swallow down huge quantities of snot as well as taking a good walloping. The slaps to the face are damn painful, but he gets no sympathy from Kelvin. He kneels on the slave's neck and rains down blows on him. The slave also has to put up with being trampled. Of course all the usual ingredients are there too: licking sneaks clean, sniffing socks, worshipping bare feet and sucking toes. But there' a couple of extra treats in store.: armpit licking, extensive facesitting and fresh Masterpiss straight into the mouth. But there's even more to come. The Master munches some biscuits and then lets the loser lick up what he has chewed from the floor or from his Master's feet. – We've never seen Kelvin so extreme and using such a variety of moves as we do in this clip. We can't recommend this clip enough!
I like the way that the bottom slave is dominated by the young master as his pony slave. The facesitting is very humiliating and exciting. It is so good to watch the slave's face being used as a cushion under the master's ass :)
Definitely not as hard, at least to me, as Master Kelvin was in Torture Trio. Don't get me wrong, still very dominant but I thought he was rougher in the other clip. Same slave....go figure. Speaking of the old slave, when you sign up to be one, expect it to be a hard session. Looking at past clips and the Master's you'll be working with should show what's going to happen. One minute, the slave is loving it, and the other, it seems he's whining it's too rough. Glad the Masters in Torture Trio ignored his whining. Loved the pissing here.
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