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Keep your nose out!


24:06 Min. Feet & Socks 40%, Sitting/Facesitting 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Licking Armpits 25%, Slaps 10%

Buddy and Mike have just set their slave to work in their living room when their mate Jerome turns up. Without any by your leave the stupid slave joins in the conversation of the three Masterboys . It goes without saying that that's out of order. In no time at all, the loser is lying on the floor like a helpless worm. The lads gob some thick snot into his mouth, press their stinking stockinged feet into his face and produce some loud moans as they deal him a few juicy slaps to the face. . Buddy, Mike and Jerome hit on the idea that the loser's face would make a wonderful cushion to sit on To start off with, it's Master Buddy who makes himself comfortable there. Only the material of his underwear and of a black pair of Adidas pants separates the slave's nose from his young Master's arsehole as with glee he tells his slave to take a good sniff. Yes, the stupid loser is allowed to breathe in some wonderful smells. – hahaha The Masters' bare feet, which the slave has to give loads of attention to, also have a pretty basic aroma. And then there's Master Jerome's armpits… - It's awesome. Only with BMB do you get such hot humiliation,
Master Buddy is the best, The only one with cool feet. It's worth buying the video for him.
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