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24:25 Min. Feet 30%, Sneaks & Socks 20%, Trampling, Kicks & Crushing 20%, Humiliation with Spit & Licking Armpits 20%, Facesitting 10%

Romain is really pissed off . A few days ago, he lent his neighbour loads of money. But the stupid loser isn't in a position to pay the money back now that it's due. Romain and his mate Dan hit on the idea that the guy could work off part of his debt – as their personal slave. But first of all the guy has to be put through his paces, to see whether he is up to being a slave. The two Masterboys are very thorough and really brutal! Excruciatingly painful trampling and handcrushing and kicks bring the loser to the limits of what he can take. Alongside that there is an unbelievable level of humiliation. Master Romain gobs on the floor and tells his slave 'Off you go, lick that up!' The Loser is gobbed over again and again. The guy has to lick his tormentors' really dirty sneaks clean and suck in the stench from their socks. Master Romain's socks were once all white but now the soles are all black. Later on the probationary slave has to give them a good chew.. Meanwhile, Master Romain has taken off his T-Shirt . He and Dan help the slave get well acquainted with their feet. The loser gets his Masters' feet rammed into his mouth and has to use his tongue to deal with the dirt which has gathered between their toes. Later there's some more licking to be done. The sweat in the two Masterboys' armpits has to be dealt with. But even that's not enough. Facesitting is also on the menu- A really hot clip! Hot camera positions help to show things from the slave' perspective, especially when it comes to licking between the toes.
It’s my dream ❤️
One of the best sneaker licking videos from bmb in a long time. Master Romain is the perfect Master. Young, good looking and with the right attitude.
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