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25:14 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Feeding Toenails, Piss & Licking Armpits 35%, Beatings, Slaps & Trampling 20%, Socks & Sneaks 10%

The slave is supposed to be fitting a new cooker in Master Arlo's kitchen . But sadly he is clueless. Totally useless. That of course has consequences - and damn unpleasant ones at that. Master Arlo goes at him with a leather beater. Slaps to the face and trampling are also part of the young Master's repertoire of torture. Arlo drives the helpless workman to the floor. He savours having the stench from his not very clean socks sucked in. Next off, the loser's tongue has to make extensive contact with the Master's bare feet . . Licking soles, sucking toes – it's not long before the slave's, tongue tastes salty. With a nasty grin on his face, Arlo rams one of his feet deep into the slave's mouth. Meanwhile, the young Master loses his T-Shirt. It's strenuous business, tormenting a slave. – hahaha. The slave is under constant attack from the Master's spit. . Sometimes it's spat right into his mouth. But that's not enough. Apart from eating Master Arlo's snot, the slave also has to eat his toenails. And then today there's a tasty dessert. The slave is allowed to give the young Master's armpits a good licking. . Good appetite ! Still not enough? OK. Now it's off to the bathroom. Master Arlo wants to give his golden water over his victim. But then he comes up with a better idea. He gives his water into a glass that the slave has to drink completely. - In this solo clip, Master Arlo pulls all the stops. How he humiliates and laughs at his victim is indescribable. A clip for all who are on extreme humiliations and horny Feet action.
Amazing video !!! I would like many other masters to do this kind of video! Master Arlo has beautiful feet! 5 stars for this!
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